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Recognition and Credit

Receipts and Acknowledgment

When you make a gift, the Office of Gift Recording will send you a legal tax receipt and a thank you card. Generally, this happens within one week of receipt of your gift, except for busy periods at the end of June and December. If you make a gift online, you will also receive an email notification of receipt of your gift, although this is not a legal document.

Crediting Annual Fund Gifts

Annual fund pledges must be paid by June 30 to count toward annual goals. Gifts to Friends groups do not count toward annual fund totals.

Honor Rolls

During most of the year, the Dartmouth College Fund Honor Roll is updated weekly, but during some busy periods it is updated daily. Before you can be added to the Honor Roll, your gift must be recorded, a receipt prepared, and your name and gift entered into a database, which triggers the listing of your name on the Honor Roll.